The most complete, accessible from any device remote customer service


RTA is the most complete and flexible remote assistance support, with augmented reality​

Save time and money with a single solution

The solution, integrated by REDORANGE, and designed and developed by DESYS, is the result of a joint venture of software developers together with mechanical designers, maintainers, production supervisors, and service technicians.

Solve any problem remotely, avoid staff travel, improve relationships and methods of intervention with customers, all with maximum security guaranteed by encrypted data technology.

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COVID 19 has decreased our efficiency and stopped the activities in support of the customers: installation, testing, training or assistance…. 

A simple phone call is not enough to answer these needs. 

The only possibility is to confide in tested and reliable systems that use digital technology and augmented reality 

Redorange’s solution is capable of reaching out to the customer, guiding him through the procedures, sharing technical files, assisting him during maintenance interventions, and offering him a certified remote training plan. 

This is possible thanks to a reliable and safe web platform, which does not require any installation, and is accessible from any device, in a few clicks

All your after-sales activities dynamically and functionally via computer, tablet or, more comfortably, via smartphone or smart glasses, in augmented reality, with evident savings in time, money and dedicated human resources!


With RTA, forget about annoying software, applications or plug-ins installations which can threaten your data security. Its use is intuitive and fast, and its access is via a web browser.

You will be able to create FAQs, based on repeating problems, or to make video recordings of the various interventions, enriching the common knowledge of the assistance and maintenance service.

The system manages to adapt to the broadband connection in real-time, independently raising the resolution anytime the signal improves. 

Its use is helpful in any sector, from the production fields to appliances and the pharmaceutical sector.
Web-based solution

Compatible with any operating system and accessible from any device. Stable connection sessions, with high-quality dynamic balancing data flow, according to the connection speed

Augmented Reality technologies

Indicate annotations during video assistance and interact to highlight the actions to be taken

High communication efficiency

Screen sharing and use of an internal chat through which exchange documents or files to facilitate assistance

Multi-user assistance

Manage different system users with various privilege constraints. Ticketing and Help Desk services can be integrated

Try RTA with the main devices

Real Time Assistance technical support via smartphone

Real Time Assistance technical support via tablet

Real Time Assistance technical support via smart glasses

Watch the video and find out how it is easy to both give and receive support and access to documents, interactive manuals, and guided procedures to consult when needed. Moreover, by requesting assistance from a tablet or mobile phone, you can chat and interact in augmented reality to be guided in the installation or maintenance of the machine while it is positioned in front of it.

Receive assistance in the assembly procedure through the use of Epson Moverio BT-350 glasses, too. They free your hands to move and carry out the given instructions


National and international players, coming from the automotive, pharmaceutical and aerospace sectors, have already relied on our solution.
They were convinced by the ease of use, but also by the dynamic and prompt interactivity in favor of users. 
Redorange ensures you adequate training during the installation and development of the dedicated platform, as well as guarantees the support you may need after. You will have functional autonomy in just 3 days. Besides, if you seek for advice, we can guide you through the choice of the hardware that best meets your needs.

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Alternatively, you can choose to rent the solution for the next 4 months, and later decide whether to redeem it!

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